➜ Lorena Acosta Igle­sias

Lorena Acosta-Igle­sias (1992) is a PhD can­di­date and rese­ar­cher in the Depart­ment of Logic and Theo­re­ti­cal Phi­lo­so­phy within the Faculty of Phi­lo­so­phy at Comp­lu­tense Uni­ver­sity in Madrid (Spain). Her doc­to­ral the­sis, which she has been working on since 2016, addres­ses the mecha­nisms of sub­jec­ti­va­tion in Post­for­dist Capi­ta­lism. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Phi­lo­so­phy from Comp­lu­tense Uni­ver­sity and a master’s degree in the Phi­lo­so­phy of History: Demo­cracy and World Order from the Auto­no­mous Uni­ver­sity of Madrid (Spain). She under­took a rese­arch stay in 2019 at the Insti­tut für Phi­lo­so­phie of the Goe­the Uni­ver­si­tät in Frank­furt am Main (Ger­many), under the super­vi­sion of Prof. Dr. Christoph Menke. Her lines of rese­arch are focu­sed on the first gene­ra­tion of the Frank­furt School, spe­ci­fi­cally Th. W. Adorno and Wal­ter Ben­ja­min, as well as New Rea­dings of Marx, the rela­ti­onship bet­ween Fou­cault and neo­li­be­ra­lism and the socio­logy of labour. Among her publi­ca­ti­ons, all of which are writ­ten in Spa­nish, are “Hegel as Sym­ptom. On the sight of the social con­s­truc­tion of the modern poli­ti­cal sub­ject under the con­di­ti­ons of emer­ging capi­ta­lism” in Bajo Pala­bra. Revista de Filosofía; “Power and sub­jec­ti­vity in Michel Fou­cault: trans­la­ti­ons, modi­fi­ca­ti­ons, ambi­va­len­ces” in Oxí­mora. Revista Inter­na­cio­nal de ética y polí­tica; “(Not) To End: Th. W. Adorno and his for­got­ten ima­gi­nary wit­ness” in Logos. Ana­les del Semi­na­rio de Metafí­sica; or “Mes­sia­nism als ob in Wal­ter Ben­ja­min? In the face of the need to think about social change in indus­trial capi­ta­lism” in Agora. Pape­les de Filosofía.
E‑mail: lorenaco@​ucm.​es
ORCID Code: https://orcid.org/0000–0003-1694–4527
Web Publi­ca­ti­ons:  https://​ucm​.aca​de​mia​.edu/​L​o​r​e​n​a​A​c​o​s​t​a​I​g​l​e​s​ias